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From the Ashes

In our first episode of season one, Past Access takes you to the city of Dresden, Germany.

Find out more about the great Augustus the Strong, the German turmoil of the 20th century, and the reconstruction that led to reunification of the German state.

Follow Pete Collman through the city streets of this beautiful Saxony town and journey back in time to the destructive night of February 13, 1945.

Catalonia Capital (Parts 1 & 2)

A popular get-a-way destination, Barcelona is a vibrant and energetic city. Rich in historic relevance from Hamilcar Barca to scars of the Spanish civil war, this city by the Mediterranean is full of surprises. 

Past Access will tour you through the Latin Quarter, take you flamenco dancing, and save you a waterfront seat for tapas and cerveza. 


American Pride (Parts 1 & 2)

The national capital region of the United States is a thriving metropolitan area. This D.C.- Baltimore corridor is full of history and amazing events throughout the year. Past Access will introduce you to the great museums and monuments on the National Mall of DC., the battle for the second American independence at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, and various stadium trips to America's past time of baseball.


Scandinavian Capital

It is said that Sweden offers much in the way of happiness and a wonderful quality of life. It is true that places like the capital city of Stockholm offer much for her citizens and tourists alike. However, Stockholm's history takes center stage in this podcast.

From the Viking era to the amazing Vasa ship museum, Stockholm mixes the modern world with her colorful past. 




Venice - Verona - Lake Garda

Visions of Veneto

Join us for a grand tour of the Veneto Region of Italy. We will first take in Verona, then the floating city of Venice, and wrap up the trip with some relaxation on beautiful Lake Garda.

It is a full episode of an adventure through time that you cannot miss.



The Great War Revisited

World War One - One Hundred Years Later

Visiting World War One memorials around Europe can be a challenging endeavor for the disabled traveler. Many former fields of battle are very difficult to navigate by a wheelchair but our Past Access crew were up to the challenge. Join Pete and the team as Past Access zig zags across the western front in the Somme and Ypres....visits amazing museums in Paris, Brussels, and Vienna....and boards the Czech Legion train in Prague.

The recap of the Great War's centennial is an epic journey.  



City of Light

Paris is Paris. There is no other city like her and she shines with history, art, and culture. We take to the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, Eiffel Tower, visit Napoleon's tomb (kind of), and wheel through the streets and cafes that inspired artists and writers alike.



Nous aurons toujours Paris!!!!

Florence is the crown jewel of Tuscany. You absolutely feel immersed in history when moving through the city. Much like Venice, Florence provides a virtual time machine to tourists but yet allows you a less fast paced experience opposed to a larger or more crowed cities like Rome or Naples.
Florence is a manageable city as it is not too big and every turn provides another opportunity for a magnificent photograph.


Renaissance Men






PART ONE: The Eternal City

Rome, the eternal city, is a unique location as you can stroll past modern and ancient monuments of architectural achievements. The Roman Republic/Empire and the Holy Roman Empire's seat in Vatican city are a history lover's ideal tourist location.  That being said, navigating Rome in a wheelchair will be challenging but don't let that scare you away from an effort that will really pay off.
From access to the Colosseum to the near by Forum of ancient Rome, you will find great views and a historical perspective that you soon won't forget. 




PART TWO: Of Gods and Men

Rome and Vatican City are historic and current epicenters for peoples of faith. Vatican City is a "living" seat to the Catholic faithful and her history is on full display through museums and churches.

This tour of the city moves you through history from the pagan polytheistic home of the Pantheon to the seat of Christian faith built upon the rock of Saint Peter. It is difficult not be moved by the power of faith that inspired great works of art, architecture, and city design.




City of a Hundred Spires

Prague is a jewel of Central Europe. Visiting Old Town on your way to Charles Bridge can provide a good measure of the historic city and her amazing legends.

Past Access will explore Prague castle and retell stories of Prague's golden alchemical era under Emperor Rudolf II.

Join us on for a stroll along the beautiful Vltava River.




Venice of the North

Amsterdam is many things to many people. On our tour through the history of this city, you will see the influential maritime tradition, artistic achievements by such greats as Vincent Van Gogh, the scares of World War Two, and a view of from the canals in an accessible tour boat.

Amsterdam is a city that warrants many a return trip. The tour provided scratches only the surface but does offer an adequate first impression.    




America's Freedom Trail

One of America's most beloved cities, "beantown" welcomes visitors to her historic freedom trail.


Past Access wheels you through the Boston neighborhoods to see Paul Revere's home, the Old North Church, and the USS Constitution, "Old Ironsides".


Nothing beats a walk through Boston Commons and a ballgame at historic Fenway Park..... Go SOX!!!


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