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Venice is an amazing city full of history and beauty. It is also a city of canals and bridges that can make wheelchair travel  a bit difficult. Wheeling onto a water taxi can be a challenge so planning ahead is a must for touring this floating city.


Rome, the eternal city, is a unique location as you can stroll past modern and ancient monuments of architectural achievements. The Roman Republic/Empire and the Holy Roman Empire's seat in Vatican city are a history lover's ideal tourist location.  That being said, navigating Rome in a wheelchair will be challenging but don't let that scare you away from an effort that will really pay off.


Florence is the crown jewel of Tuscany. You absolutely feel immersed in history when moving through the city. Much like Venice, Florence provides a virtual time machine to tourists but yet allows you a less fast paced experience opposed to a larger or more crowed cities like Rome or Naples.
Florence is a manageable city as it is not too big and every turn provides another opportunity for a magnificent photograph.


The Northern lake districts of Italy are breathtaking. Lake Garda has all the beauty of the other more well known lakes but without the high price-tag. Lake Garda has many towns surrounding it's expansive parameter but Desenzano del Garda is one of the closest and popular towns to Verona's airport. The train can also help you connect to other points for Italian day trips to Venice. 



Torino is considered the blue collar city of the region of Northern Italy. Once known for its industrial prowess, Torino stands as a blue-collar town with a recreational feel. Skiing dominates the winter months and passion for their beloved Torino F.C. football team is a year-round love affair.



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