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Peter Collman
Jan 25, 2018

World War One Sites at 100 Years.


Edited: Apr 1, 2018

I am a huge fan of history and there are plenty of centennial anniversary remembrances to take in concerning the war to end all wars. Having thraveled to Ypres in Belgium and plannig a Spring 2018 trip to the Somme in France,I feel so much closer to this history. Wheelchair travel throught the old trenches is difficult at best but there are plenty of accessible museums and tours that can give you a decent idea of the scope of war and those who fought in these various campaigns. My advice is to contact local touring groups, mentioned you wheelchair needs, and go from there.

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  • Peter Collman
    Aug 22

    the capital of Scandinavia is one heck of a place....beautiful, educational, fun, and expensive too:-) I would like to make those traveling here to Sweden know they are almost "cash free" when it comes to eating establishments and many shopping facilities. Make yourself aware of this when you try to take out cash (koruna). Your "plastic" will be the preferred mode of payment. Avoid buying beer or liquor if you can...super expensive. Shop at the grocery store for some of your lunches so you can easier pay for a nice dinner out. The Royal Palace and old town are beautiful but it is the VASA museum that will knock your socks off!!!:-)
  • Peter Collman
    Jan 25, 2018

    Prague is an amazing city, full of history and picturesque settings. However, it is an old city and even with advancement in disabled access, it can be difficult to get around....but not impossible. A few hints can help you enjoy your time here in my adopted city. 1) The Prague tourism office provides a free handicapped guide to the city that includes parking spaces, areas that require companion assistance, etc. 2)Refit your wheelchair with larger front casters or purchase a GOFreeWheel adaption. This makes life here amazing and cobblestones, small curbs, and tram tracks are not a problem. 3)Rest rooms for the disabled are available in certain locations, especially at the big landmarks like Prague Castle. But other locations are difficult to find. Most major malls or shopping centers are fine and if you do need to use a restroom in the tourist areas, they are free to you.


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