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Grab a cup of your favorite coffee and join in the discusion on travel concerns, experiences, and historic insight.

Peter Collman
Aug 22

the capital of Scandinavia is one heck of a place....beautiful, educational, fun, and expensive too:-) I would like to make those traveling here to Sweden know they are almost "cash free" when it come
Peter Collman
Jan 25, 2018

I am a huge fan of history and there are plenty of centennial anniversary remembrances to take in concerning the war to end all wars. Having thraveled to Ypres in Belgium and plannig a Spring 2018 tri
Peter Collman
Jan 25, 2018

Prague is an amazing city, full of history and picturesque settings. However, it is an old city and even with advancement in disabled access, it can be difficult to get around....but not impossible. A


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